About ZURI and IMANI

ZURI and IMANI is a surface and textile design studio. We create original pattern designs for the fashion, home and paper-goods market to produce timeless lifestyle and homeware collections.



In 2016, we set out to create a fashion collection made out of 'Ankara', what is generally referred to as African prints. Testing the market with our first sample collection, we discovered most of the fabrics we purchased, same pattern design and colour, used by other fashion designers. Also, while researching where to purchase these fabrics in bulk for seamless production, we also discovered that majority of these African prints were not designed by Africans nor produced in Africa.

And so began an EXCITING UNafraid journey!

To change the narrative of the 'African print' by weaving modern stories inspired by the richness of Africa, endorsing exclusivity and authenticity,  to create 'our own' authentic Africanity content designs but still retaining an awareness of current trends in design.

ZURI and IMANI is on an UNAFRAID journey, to establish 'Made in Africa' - as a seal of excellence - and be part of the revolution aimed at moving Africa to the top of the global value chain targeted at recovering and growing the African creative economy especially the re-branding of the African textile industry.

Made in Africa, by Africans!

We also provide textile, licensing and custom surface design services for the fashion, home and paper-goods retail industry.
Until lions have their own historians,
tales of the hunt
will always glorify the hunter
(Chinua Achebe, Nigerian Proverb, n.d.).