About Zuri and Imani

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Zuri and Imani is a textile and surface design studio that creates original prints for the fashion and home markets. Our custom designs are applied on textile, wood, paper and ceramic surfaces to produce timeless homeware and lifestyle collections. We also provide textile and surface design services to retail and interior industries.

Every pattern tells a story that is rooted in the Afrikan context, created by Afrikans which reflects the authenticity of Africa but still retains an awareness of current trends in design that speaks to the aspirations of the Afrikan people while also contributing to the growth of the African creative economy. 

Our patterns are designed in South Africa and all of our products also produced in South Africa. We are, a proudly ‘Made-in-Africa’ company, changing the narrative of the ‘African Print’ one print at a time.

Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (Chinua Achebe, Nigerian Proverb, n.d.).