Novus Holdings ‘Unwrapping Happiness’ Campaign | Jimmy Nevis x Joy Ezeka

Design Inspiration

First time I met Jimmy, he talked about where he grew up with so much pride. As a foreigner, my view of Athlone is not very positive. All that comes to my mind is gangs and shootings.

But meeting Jimmy, and listening to his song 7764, made me look at Athlone differently, sort of like, ‘a good ‘thing’ can come out of Athlone‘....

Jimmy and I believe in the power of going after our passion, our dream and not giving up. At an early age he took the bold step going after his passion. At 25 he’s a success. At 39, I decided it was not too late to dream a new dream and I went back to school to study.

Unwrapping-Happiness-Christmas-Wrapping-Paper-Design-Jimmy-Nevis-x-Joy-Ezeka x Novus-Holdings

The design element (the road, crossroads, dead ends, train tracks, different modes of transportation, road signs etc), suggests the many routes and challenges we’d have to take on that journey to achieving our dreams.  

But despite the challenges, never stop moving, always find a way (bicycle, skateboard, train, car) to keep moving forward, towards making that dream happen! But you gotta start with ‘Hope’ and ‘Faith’ then ‘Passion’ and most importantly ‘Action’.

Jimmy Nevis and Joy Ezeka Unwrapping-Happiness-Christmas-Wrapping-Paper-Design Colab-Novus-Holdings

Unwrapping-Happiness-Christmas-Wrapping-Paper-Design-Jimmy-Nevis-x-Joy-Ezeka x Novus-Holdings Unwrapping-Happiness-Christmas-Wrapping-Paper-Design-Jimmy-Nevis-x-Joy-Ezeka x Novus-Holdings

Unwrapping-Happiness-Christmas-Wrapping-Paper-Design-Jimmy-Nevis-x-Joy-Ezeka x Novus-Holdings